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#FactsFriday: The Great African plateau

Welcome once again to Keepin’ It Steezy, we hope you’ve been having yourselves a great Friday.

Over here at KIS we’ve been working on several attempts to bring the African youth to grips with their history and heritage prior being manipulated by foreign nations and this attempt is to remind the African continent of how great this land once was.

We have just arranged a series of facts that will enlighten one about the vast history that this land bares.

We’d like to begin with the legend of Queen Nzinga of Matamba.

A queen who dates as far back as the mid 17th century, in what is modern day Angola, this queen helped fight Portuguese conquest of the Kingdom of Ndongo which her father was king. The divided state of Ndongo and Kongo were brought back together and united by her strategic decisions and negotiations with the Portuguese governor at the time. She possessed great military intelligence, and was known to fight her wars with strategic thinking.

She died in 1663, well into her eighties, and is remembered as a fierce and persistent leader who is honored throughout Africa.

Up next we got Mapungubwe.

The ancient city of Mapungubwe (meaning ‘hill of the jackal’) is an Iron Age archaeological site in the Limpopo Province on the border between South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

A city with great historical significance to the people of Southern Africa, the civilization dates back to the 1200 AD. The famous Golden Rhino along with artefacts, glass beads and pottery was unearthed from Mapungubwe National Park and is evidence of the capabilities of the people of that time in both mining as well as art.

Victoria Falls is our next destination in our quest to rediscover Africa. 😃

Victoria Falls also known as “Mosi oa-Tunya” (“the smoke that thunders”) is positioned almost exactly half way along the mighty Zambezi River’s 2700 km journey from it’s source to the sea.

A great spectacle witnessed in the image above is know as the lunar rainbow which occurs at the Falls every year and is a site that most would love to see.

The lunar rainbow is best seen at times of high water (April to July) when there is sufficient spray to create the moonbow effect. This spectacle is best witnessed in the early hours after moonrise, before the moon rises too high to create a moonbow that is visible to the ground-based observer.

Another great site to consider is Timbuktu in present day Mali.

Timbuktu is a city in the West African nation of Mali situated 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of the River Niger on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert.

The rapid economic growth in the 13th and 14th centuries due to trade in salt, gold, ivory and other things, positioned the legendary city as one of the greatest academic and commercial centers in the world.

Under the Songhai empire, the city became a great Muslim educational center, with more than 180 Quranic schools and universities. By the end of Mansa Musa’s reign (early 14th century A.D.), the Sankoré mosque, also known as the University of Sankoré, was one of the first universities ever built in the world. A contemporary of Oxford and the Sorbonne, the level of learning at Timbuktu’s Sankoré University was superior to that of all other Islamic centers in the world. The three madrasahs — Djinguereber, Sidi Yahya and Sankore — facilitated 25,000 students, making it also the largest university in the world at the time.

Our last historical site for this feature is Axum

The Kingdom of Aksum was one of the greatest empires to ever exist in Africa. Lasting from around 100 AD to 940 AD, it spanned a large portion of east Africa and beyond, including modern-day Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Sudan. There are few remnants left today, though the name of the modern-day city of Aksum (Axum), Ethiopia serves as a reminder of a kingdom that was once connected to early Christianity, the Queen of Sheba, famous obelisks, and ancient India.

Unlike their northern neighbors of Egypt, Aksum did not build pyramids. Instead, Aksum is famous for building tall towers called stelae. The tallest of these towers was nearly 100 feet high. The towers were elaborately carved with inscriptions, stone doors, and fake windows. The most famous of these towers is the Obelisk of Axum which was taken by Italian soldiers upon conquering Ethiopia in 1937. The tower was later returned in pieces and reconstructed in 2008.

There you have it. Thank you for joining us this Friday, we hope our article has brought to you a clearer understanding that African history dates back far earlier than the Partition and the Invasion of Africa.

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Pick of the week: Legendary Jazz musician Hugh Masekela

For years on end, Africa has been sidelined when it comes to successes in the Jazz music industry, this is evident when we closely match up African artists to the rest of the world.

This above statement becomes more of an opinion when we come to mention names like Ray Phiri of Stimela, Steve Kekana, Kippie Moeketsi, Jonas Gwangwa the list goes on and on.

South Africa in the past had very little exposure to the global stage, but thanks to these talents and the courage they showed this not only gave us the chance to share our art, our stories of struggle it also gave recognition to other local artists who had not yet made their breakthroughs.

I’m very honoured and grateful to have lived in an era that celebrated the life of great trumpeter Hugh Ramapolo Masekela who is our P.O.T.W on this edition. A lot can be said about the life of Bra Hugh*, a lot of accolades can be mentioned alongside his name, we can go digging in a deep catalogue of smash hits and classic albums that are going to live with us forever we can go on to talk about his contribution to the music scene here more especially Jazz music. But on this tribute, we would just love to celebrate the life of this iconic African born internationally acclaimed artist.

Life started on the 4th of April 1939 when Bra Hugh was born, in Mpumalanga. He was raised for most of his life by his grandmother who ran an underground cartel of selling alcohol to the miners in Witbank. It was at the age of 14 when he got the chance to follow his dream, this was the age when he got his first trumpet and started learning how to play.

As the years went on he managed to develop his talent as a vocalist and all out Jazz musician. In his work, he focused more on the tragedies South Africa faced during the 1950s and 1960s. This inspired and influenced him to make music and also spread political change. He was an artist who in his music vividly portrayed the struggles and sorrows, as well as the joys and passions of his country. His music protested about apartheid, slavery, government; the hardships individuals were living. Masekela reached a large population that also felt oppressed due to the country’s situation.

His career had it’s hide tides and it’s following the 21 March 1960 Sharpeville massacre—where 69 protestors were shot dead in Sharpeville, and the South African government banned gatherings of ten or more people—and the increased brutality of the Apartheid state, this is the time when Bra Hugh* left the country. He was helped by international friends, who got him admitted into London’s Guildhall School of Music in 1960. This move proved to be a great one for his career because he became an international star like his band mate and wife, the late Mama Afrika mme Mariam Makeba. Their careers skyrocketed to fame and there was no stopping them from there.

With a catalogue boasting more than 40 albums and greatest hits compilations, it was not by chance or a surprise that he was nominated several times for the Grammy Awards. Even though he was not as successful as the likes of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, he did get awarded for his great work and has received lifetime achievement awards and that alone can give you the idea of the impact he had in the music scene.

Not only was he a successful person, he also helped others succeed by establishing several music workshops and foundations that helped with the development of the local talent, this includes the Botswana International School of Music which he established in 1985, this workshop served as a great example at how he made it his mission to give back to his people.

We can really go on about his successful albums and hits that managed to top charts in the U.S and the world, but we would rather appreciate it if we celebrated his life and the legacy he left behind for generations to live on. Bra Hugh proved that limitations are only self made, and only one’s own mind can set boundaries to what they can achieve. The life of Bra Hugh* will be for generations celebrated because he showed the world that we too can also have a voice or a bass.

We remember you Bra Hugh* and we will continue telling your stories to the generations that are going to come we hope you are looking down on us where ever you are in the heavens.

RIP Hugh Masekela


Images © Getty Images.

#MusicMonday: The Hip Hop Movement

Hello everybody and welcome to our first feature for 2018.

We hope everyone had a great kick start to the year and we all have continued with our quests of the finding great knowledge of self and spreading it with confidence to the masses.

In this very first feature of the year we exploring the contribution that The Hip Hop Movement has had thus far in the public space in terms of mainstream culture and the consciousness of society ever since the movement came about in the early 1970’s up until present day.

In the past, we have witnessed the evolution of Hip Hop in what was then a fusion of sub genres that had already recently existed, the soon to be global phenomenon that sprawl the streets of America. It was at a very difficult stage when this movement came about because of the injustices and oppression suffered by the youth that were growing up under the influence of hip hop music and the culture.

Hip Hop Movement initially was not all about the social issues that had an impact in most of the youngster that started the movement, but with the outbreak of gang violence and black on black crime, the message that Hip hop tried to covey was tainted with.

This led to introduction of conscious rapping and the storytelling in the music produced by the iconic artists who made a name for themselves in the genre. In the years that followed the 1980’s, most of the “gansta rap” that had taken over was soon to be acted against because of the gang violence in the black communities and the rise of activism in Hip Hop came to life. It was during the 1980’s when the birth of groups like Boogie Down Productions and Run-DMC took the centre stage in steering the direction in which the next generation of ‘hip hoppers’ would move forward this was because of the manner in which they paved the way for more groups that came about after the original pioneers.

“We try our best to stay out there and keep everybody on a path of knowing about the true-school days. For most of the people that really want to know about the true culture of Hip Hop, whether it’s Kool Herc, or Grand-Master Flash, or any of the other great pioneer Hip Hop rap groups or b-boys or b-girls but when they want to know the true factology about Hip Hop as a culture, they’ve got to come back to the Universal Zulu Nation.”
-Africa Bambaata, founder of Zulu Nation.

Fast forward the late 1980’s to the early 1990’s, the Hip Hop scene was introduced to what was going to go down as hip hop history and heritage when groups like Gangstarr, Public Enemy, Zulu Nation, A Tribe Called Quest and Boogie Down’s very own KRS-One and hundreds more. These legends emphasized messages of verbal skill, internal/external conflicts, life lessons, unity, social issues, or activism instead of messages of violence, material wealth, and misogyny.

With the rise of these artists, the image of hip hop was restored and it created an opportunity for unification of several movements that were conveying the same message. Hip hop found ways to connect
R&B, the Civil Rights Movement , and urban life culture.

The main subject matter in the consciousness of hip hop was based entirely upon how the artists had suffered from injustices and this made up for the six elements of the Hip Hop Movement which are Consciousness Awareness, Civil Rights Awareness, Activism Awareness, Justice, Political Awareness, Community Awareness in music and with this combination of very important fundamentals, this made the content of most records that were produced by the hip hop artists.

Todd Boyd once said “Hip hop is inherently political, the language is political,” Boyd also says. “It uses language as a weapon — not a weapon to violate or not a weapon to offend, but a weapon that pushes the envelope that provokes people, makes people think.””

Many people believe that the movement had always revolved around the music and the culture and the way people dressed and addressed themselves, but to look at the wide spectrum of the movement, Hip hop was the authentic way blacks could show the world that they also had a voice. Some referred hip hop artists as the “ghetto spokesperson”. This not only created something authentic for black people, it also gave young kids role models to look up to and admire. The success stories in hip hop made it every child’s dream to be a platinum-selling artist one day like MC Hammer. 😂

Keepin’ It Steezy has always tried to recognize the efforts made by those who made our future a bit more brighter than it was destined to be, and we owe it all to movements like Hip Hop Movement and the culture as a whole and not only will this play a vital part in the future of the youth, but also in the future of global consciousness of the history that made up the present we live in. We will continue making it our mission to recognize those that fought tooth and nail for the movement to stay alive.

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#ThursdayTracklist: Ladies shaking the game

Today on #ThursdayTracklist we’d like to dedicate a special edition to all the females out there pioneering in every way possible. Women have always been regarded second best in things that were dominated by men, but now we live in a very diverse musical entertainment industry. Today we see women taking the game and giving it a feminine voice to it and nothing is so attractive like hearing a woman busting a nut on a beat at the same time keeping it real. Man I feel like women deserve to be acknowledged for their contribution to the game, bit without any further ad due let’s kick start this list.

1. Erykah Badu- Bag Lady

Okay, before we go any further, how could Ms Badu not be on the list? She is one lady who has left us questioning whether rap is a multi gender industry or is it just for the masculine energy. On this joint, she really slows it down, and uses her wise words and clever word play to covey a very important message to the ladies out there. And to any lady who hasn’t heard this joint, my suggestion is you go listen to it right away! Stop whatever you’re doing and just listen to this laid back track that really opens up your conscious awareness. Ms Badu uses a great old school beat with a very relaxing feel to it that’s why this track makes it to this list. Well done Ms Badu.

2. Lauryn Hill- Everything is Everything

During the recording sessions, Hill wanted to write a song about injustice and struggles amongst youth communities in inner city America. Every time a female artist uses her music to send out conscious messages, it is likely to be felt rather than a crack-head male MC who has guns and fat booty women in his music videos. Ms Hill got major accolades for this great joint. She was nominated for Grammy awards and won several for her album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and this album skyrocketed her straight into charts that were male dominated. When she was still vibing with her fellow Fugees members, we could see how she grew as an artist taking lead vocalist roles and displaying her word skills and sending out a message to the female MCs to go out there and own the game.

3. Amazulu- Amanda Black

Paying homage to the local females vocalists, Ms Amanda Black dropped an album which set her up for a great career ahead of her. With her music career beginning when she made an appearance on a musical talent show Idols SA, she didn’t come out on top but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream. And after Idols, she signed a deal that soon made her a platinum selling artist with her single Amazulu making waves in the South African music industry. This did not only set the bar for her, but it showed the younger upcoming females that were ready to enter the game that there’s a lot at stake. This joint alongside with the visuals portrays a message to young girls out there that they shouldn’t restrict themselves and go out there to achieve great things. Not only did she change the game for females, but she also showed the males that even in a industry dominated by them, women can still do great things! Congratulations to Amanda for the accolades she achieved with this single and we wish her well for the future.

4. Tina Turner- What’s Love Got to Do with it?

Taking it back to the 1980’s haha, Tina Turner was at her prime when she released this Grammy Hall of Fame edition along side her other three Hall of ‘Famers‘. This track peaked at number one in several charts and with it being a female artist behind the vocals, it was pretty much a great achievement for the females in the music business because of the discrimination they had been suffering in those days. But that doesn’t take us away from the fact that it was a great joint because it was a sing along with even the generations that came post the 1980’s singing to the top of their voices to this melody. Tina Turner’s contribution to the game for the women is a very important one and she is continuously praised for that. Well done Mrs Turner.

5. How Will I Know- Whitney Houston

To conclude this week’s list, we’d like to remember the memory of one of the greatest female artists of all time, Mrs Whitney Houston. The lyrics speak about the protagonist trying to discern if a boy she likes will ever like her back. This track is relatable to most of the women out there.

Anyone who was a fan of her music, will tell you that her music was very special to them in different ways because of they way it related to all of us. She made sing along too, and when I say sing along I mean from Track A to Z you would find yourself in a trance when you listened to her music. R.I.P to her and her legacy will forever remain with us and how she motivated other females to hit the ground running in this cut throat music industry.

That’s all we have for you this week. We hope you have been enlightened by the females that have displayed that they deserve credit for their contribution in the music business and how it managed to become one of the biggest in the history of the art.

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#ThursdayTracklist: Can’t Knock The Hustle

This week’s feature is for the hustlers who have set their eyes on the prize. We featured young ambitious creatives to encourage the game to invest in their hustle and to stop at nothing to achieve what they are destined to. We also feature Yeezy just to reflect on how it was back when exposure was hard-earned and how those who managed to make it turned out 20 years later from the golden age of hip hop

1. Knock Tha Hustle- Cozz & Effect (ft J. Cole)


The Dreamers never stop dreaming.

You can’t knock the hustle, it’s way too strong.

We kick start this tracklist list with this well compiled joint by the Dreamers who show a lot of ambition paving the way for new dreamers who wanna become achievers but don’t really have the necessary platform to get it going. But here at KIS we recognise all the hustlers who are doing their best to make the dream work.

2. R100- Fofo Lux and Tommy G


This is our second review of this club banger by the young hustlers from a small town in South Africa but with their ambitions of making it big. If you have any interest in the local hip hop scene you’ll love this track because we vibe on a hunnid and we don’t need to break the budget to get recognition ya dig?

3. Paradise- Areece


This young native from Pretoria, South Africa is no stranger to the hustle rap. When he joined the Ambitious Ent. camp he came through with some positive energy to show the youngins in the country to aim high and not to be held back by a contract. The young boy doing things came into the game most recently but his already done left his mark for the new generation of emcees to keep the ball rolling.

4. I Wonder- Kanye West


Have you ever wondered about how it would feel to reach your peak? Where everything you’ve ever wished for comes through, it appears that in our new generation we lack passionate visionaries but Mr West shows how one can really achieve what you set your mind to. From a garage band to holding it down in front of packed stadiums, it’s all in the hustle, hustler.

5. 500 Benz- Joey BadAss


Once you’ve reached your pinnacle and have your whole purpose figured out it’s makes sense to reward yourself for all your perseverance and commitment. On this joint BadMon is showing us his love for his 5-5-500 Benz and how hard work pays off.
To all my hustlers out there, I just shared with you what keeps me going, the tracks that stimulate my hustling instinct and I hope they’ll also make you feel like going out there and getting it. 

That’s how we round up this week’s tracklist and we hope you’ll find your purpose and do what ever it takes to get yours! To all my hustlers, keep keeping on!

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#WinningWomenWednesday: Thando Hopa

Hello again and welcome to this week’s feature for #WinningWomenWednesday. As usual, we hope you enjoy this feature as much as it was a great honour putting it together.


We’d like to introduce to you the amazing Ms Thando Hopa. In the world of ever changing standards and the status quo, much is expected from us to maintain a good representation in the public. The Lawyer turned model is a good example of self-love, ambition and purpose. The reason why Ms Hopa is an important icon in our generation is the message she has managed to send out to the masses and that is:

Life is not a colour race.

She did an amazing job in enlightening many people around the world and it’s not because of how different she is from us, but how similar we all are in many ways.


She grew up a part of a generation that wasn’t adequately aware of these rare conditions. This made it really difficult for her to identify herself in her community. In a report she mentioned that she identifies herself as black, but is often mistaken for white.


The challenge she overcame was a difficult one because in many African townships, there’s still a lack of knowledge on these kind of conditions, but despite the name calling and colour shaming she got all the time, she managed to be a success story for the next generation of albino babies.

Ms Thando Hopa is an inspiration to not only albinos out there, but to women as a whole. The challenges they all face are different and this doesn’t mean they should be brought down by them. Like her parents, they always supported her in everything she did, not because they were obliged to, but they knew she would make a change in her generation. This is what we want to achieve with the platform we have set up for the youth. 


As Keepin It Steezy, we would like to encourage all women to come together and support one another in all challenges they face in life. This will help steer a generation of young women to discover their worth and ultimately the perception women are being perceived with by society.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of #WinningWomenWednesday and that it sparked a different Perception you had on albinos.
The aim was to change the Perspective of discrimination against people with medical conditions they didn’t have a hand in. Rather, the purpose is to help those affected to embrace the conditions and to make the most of it so the next generation will be able to understand the importance of love and support.

Join us next time for our life changing articles that move the youth.
Keepin It Steezy
The Enlightenment of the Youth is Our Mission.

Pick Of The Week: Stephen Bantu Biko.

This week we were remembering the legacy of a man who committed his life for the fight against oppression and racial profiling and we have prepared a special feature to celebrate the legacy he has left for us to utilize so as to educate the coming generations of those that served for our liberation.

Born December 18, 1946 in Tarkastad Eastern Cape, Steve Biko was the third child of four siblings born to Alice Mamcete Biko. The family lived in his grandmother’s house before moving several times to end up settling in King William’s Town where he began attending school.


Steve was regarded as an intelligent young man during his years in Primary school, topping his class in the subjects Maths and English. This is when he was allowed to skip a year and continue progressing to higher levels.
Several years later, when he was offered a bursary to attend boarding school, he began his life in anti-apartheid activism. He joined his older brother in Lovedale, Alice in the Eastern Cape and this is where they were found with links to the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC). For this was a movement banned by the then government, they had to face interrogation and this began his hatred against the authority as quoted “I began to develop an attitude which was much mode directed at authority than at anything else. I hated the authority like hell” . Biko didn’t let this end his motives of fighting the Apartheid government because he continued finding ways to stop it.


When Biko moved to Natal, he attended a boarding school which had a liberal political culture, this is where Biko’s political consciousness took flight. From his early childhood education to being a student at the University of Natal Medical School he became very interested in joining the fight, soon after being elected as a part of the SRC of the university.
Biko’s experiences in student representation angered him very much because the white dominated committees of the time were dealing with matters concerning the white minority in the universities and this forced him to rethink his multi-racial approach to political activism

During his contributions to the representation of black students, Biko and his fellow student leaders founded the South African Student’ Organization (SASO) and it was launched in July 1969 during a time where they felt they weren’t being catered for as students.
Under SASO, he’s ideologies of Black Conciousness developed where he emphasized the worth of a Black Man native to this land, he emphasized the human dignity of the blackman and he centred the psychological empowerment of the black man as his motives for the newly formed “Black Consciousness Movement”. Among other things that Biko promoted, he promoted a slogan

“Black Is Beautiful” “Man, you are okay as you are. Begin to look upon yourself as a human being”

These ideological manifestations sparked a rebellion against authority and Biko was considered a ‘negative influence’ by the apartheid government, this came at the cost of constant caucuses that he led. When Biko’s influence began to be felt by the authority, he was always interrogated by apartheid police with the hopes of silencing his movement but this fueled them more to stand up for their right to be human and treated as humans.
The Black Consciousness Movement got support from external forces of countries worldwide and the sad ending to Steve Biko’s life showed how committed they were when justice was demanded for the inquest of his death in the hands of Apartheid cops.


Steve Biko’s life marked an important transition in the anti-apartheid movement as he used his gift of being an intellectually curious being to educate the communities he often visited about consciousness and the well being they deserved. Many political leaders that followed after him used his writings to enlighten the people and this helped with the fight against this inhumane treatment.

We will forever acknowledge pioneers like Mr Steve Biko for the influence they had and left behind. We hope the generations to come will take the life of such leaders as building blocks on revolutionizing a generation!

R.I.P Mr Stephen Bantu Biko. Your legacy will forever remain in our hearts and your teachings and writings enlighten us to be conscious about our lives and generations to come.

Keepin’ It Steezy
Respecting the Heritage, the Tradition and African Ideologies.


#ThursdayTracklist: Kick the stuff she like.

Hello and welcome once again to #ThursdayTracklist. We hope you have been keeping it steezy with the playlist and the good vibes you spreading with those close to you. This time we hope you ready to have a good time with what we have in store for you.
With our weekly tracklist we have listed some of the best tunes to end this Thursday with an uplifted spirit remembering what a great feeling it is to be alive and in love. Going back to recap on the fun times you’ve shared with any loved one close to you.

1. Clap Your Hands – Black Coffee and Zakes Bantwini


Let’s start with this so called show stopping throwback when Coffee and Zakes were still mad in the studio coming through with wonderful music. This piece was part of an array of collaboration tracks between this duo. Zakes displayed a wonderful execution of vocalistic magic, while Mr Coffee did his best with the beat making perfect harmony feel like it can’t best describe the perfection in this song. If you think you’ve heard it all, this joint will make you picture a whole new state of mind that you’ve been missing out on, trust!

2. Beautiful Escape – Tom Misch


Tommy made me feel good about myself after hearing this one. I don’t know how he always does this with his words, he can say something you can match perfectly to anything you’ve been through. To all my brothers out there, let’s learn a valuable lesson from our fellow brother Tom. When a woman is the one, and you feel you have found life in someone, don’t hold back, just make it clear that your intentions are fair and you willing to give love a try, DO IT!

3. Caiphus Song – AKA


The first thing you have to ask yourself is why does AKA always find a way to tell us his side of the story from the controversy following him around in his career and find a way he alone can display. AKA has always been a hard delivery spitter, but this new sound his slowly perfected is being made to live and work wonders here. The theme of this track is complemented by his choice of the legendary beat and the flavour he gives to it. Making it feel like a 21 century love song by a 21 century artist with a maturing flow.

4. Rejoice – Bucie and Black Motion


The only way we will be able to understand the message that’s being sent out is if we put ourselves in the same situation as the artist when they talk to us with their music. If anyone can make you regret not expressing your sincere love for someone it’s Ms Bucie. There’s nothing like hearing a woman who is committed in making things work for any relations between two people. She makes me feel like spreading love regardless of whether you’re not in the same state of mind. I love how she says in the track

I can not pretend to be at peace, so baby please, Love me for me!

Ms Bucie deserves to be regarded as an icon in the art form because she obeys all the elements in making the perfect melody.

5. For The Girlfriends – Kendrick Lamar ft Frank Ocean


Playing it safe is important when you making choices in music. This laid back tune is just for the girls who love the ‘loving’ part of the relationship instead of the part where we forget about the feelings. This is a track your girlfriend will like trust me. We end it off with a very special offering from this pair where they make it easy to love your latter. Spread genuine love my brother and sister.

We hope we just made it worthwhile visiting this tracklist. We hope the story of love is seen differently now. With a more engaged and true approach. Keepin It Steezy will always emphasize love and peace forever so continue loving yourself and anything that carries life.

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Mission: Perception, Perspective and Purpose!

Before we go into any details, we’d like to thank the believers from the beginning up until this very moment. We wouldn’t be this far into the movement without the feedback from those that have faith in us. We appreciate it.

Without wasting any precious time, let’s get to it. We’d also like to send a big S/O to everyone who has recognised the little efforts we have been making to bring change in Perception and Perspective. We appreciate you too. Also the 100+ believers on Facebook, we thought it wasn’t possible, but you showed us it is, we appreciate it. With that being said, if you haven’t liked our page on Facebook ask yourself why. Haha 🙂

We here at Keepin It Steezy have made it our mission to create and develop an interactive platform bringing together like minded creatives who work tirelessly to tell stories falling on deaf ears.
By this, we plan to make the success of a young creative a norm, this in turn will give a different Perception of success to the youth. We want to instill confidence to the youth to achieve great things and make them feel good in the process.

We plan on taking the growth we’ve achieved so far as a landmark, marking greater things to come. KIS is going to be more interactive and will focus on the objectives we have set for our movement.

Making a change
In Perception, Perspective and Purpose

These words are very crucial to our purpose. If you thought Keepin It Steezy was another blog with the same old mission of gaining popularity and views, we are currently looking to achieve something deeper than that. We want to change the Perspective that you’ve been looking at this movement. We want to share real knowledge of self and wisdom of what has been and what could possibly be. 

Finally, we hope this helps all of you understand what we are all about and why we are here. We hope we achieve our Purpose to make a change in the misrepresentation that the industry has painted on everything from miseducation, history, music and the lifestyle choices we make.

Thank you for taking the time to go through this post, we hope you finally understand what or who Keepin It Steezy is, or why we’re here…
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#WinningWomenWednesday: Womanism, The Gift Of Life. A Women’s Day Edition.

Imagine waking up one day, in a world where we all lived as one kind. In that world, everything exists in one form no opposite side to it like imagine if right didn’t have left? Black didn’t have white oh yes and man didn’t have woman? I can’t even imagine a world where we all lived as equals, Do you think in this supernatural world they’d be any life without women? 


We tend to overlook the role of our mother’s or sisters in our lives as if they don’t have any significance to our existence. On this day, all the women in South Africa come together, differences aside, and celebrate and put more emphasis on the pursuit of becoming equally important as the male species.
Now I feel like that is where everything is misinterpreted by numerous projects that are making sure we realise our women.


Women, regardless of the circumstances faced in her day to day, have always been the hardest working of both sides. Waking up every day with no personal intentions but to make sure that every living being is pleased to be alive. For instance, I’ll use a mother of three teen-aged children, who makes it a point they all get to school, have a decent breakfast and dinner later on in the day. She makes sure the children have clothes available for them to wear every day without having to complain why it has to be done that way.
Our mothers basically manufactured us, they were the chief designers with the blueprints to our lives. We were of one body and blood with your creator. She bared with you for months with only the thought of what could be of her seed.


The science behind a woman is fascinating to get to engage with. The traces of anything concerning human life have been discovered through the DNA of a woman that gave birth to humanity. So think of it this way, if you want to build a beautiful house with a lovely garden, a breathtaking view and an unforgettable experience of being inside of where do you begin? Obviously we would say buy bricks, dig up the foundation and make sure we have a stable house. Now when we put it in the context of a woman, there could never be a human with no womb, the embryo needs a delicate state-of-the-art human manufacturer that is only open for nine months and then takes on the real job after manufacturing the product. A woman goes through everything we can never imagine like having a life made inside of you.


You may think of this as a reality check, but in fact it’s a statement in support of every women with the gift of life. My intention is to help women realise how important they are to life. Without a woman there is no meaning to life.
We need to honour our women, we need to make them feel better about themselves and be supportive to help overcome sexism and gender inequality. I mean, why do we have to be going through this? A woman is more humane than man is. Haha, I remember coming across a quote some time ago, it goes

When God created man, He created the male and he wasn’t satisfied and for his final draft he created a woman to be his companion.

This had me feeling like a male wasn’t carefully designed like the woman was. If there wasn’t a woman, no man in this world was going to give birth to a baby and continue expending.
So there wouldn’t be us without them.


With this being said, if we want the world to be a happy place we should begin by making our women happy. If we want to live more rewarding lives we should make our mothers happy. My brother, if you want to have a happy marriage, love your woman, respect her. Honour her for the life she has rewarded you with.


Let’s support the women who strive to achieve better than what history has painted them to be and let’s fight a good fight, a fight against abuse, assault, kidnapping and the rape of our women. It’s funny that women can’t hurt another women, the problem begins with the man so the one who should be fighting this should be the man.
Who can allow another man to rape their sister? Let alone your mother, YOUR WIFE MY BROTHER!
The women out there in support of the fight against abuse and oppressing forces that hinder their happiness and success are our #WinningWomen and we’ll dedicate to them a special feature that will serve as a reminder that we are here for them too.

To every lovely women today, we here at Keepin It Steezy would love to wish you a Happy Women’s Day and the rest of Women’s Month. Our mission is to make every day a Women’s Day because every day a woman wakes up to live another day, doesn’t that make her human?

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