#ThursdayTracklist: Ladies shaking the game

Today on #ThursdayTracklist we’d like to dedicate a special edition to all the females out there pioneering in every way possible. Women have always been regarded second best in things that were dominated by men, more especially in the music entertainment industry. Today we see women taking the game and giving it a feminine voice to it and nothing is so attractive like hearing a woman busting a nut on a beat at the same time keeping it real. Man I feel like women deserve to be acknowledged for their contribution to the game, but without any further ad due let’s get on with this list and we start it off with none other than Ms Erykah Badu.

1. Erykah Badu- Bag Lady

Okay, before we go any further, how could Ms Badu not be on the list? She is one lady who has left us questioning why Soulful Hip Hop is still dominated by masculine energy. On this joint, she really slows it down, and uses her wise words and clever word play to covey a very important message to the ladies out there. And to any lady who hasn’t heard this joint, my suggestion is you go listen to it right away! Stop whatever you’re doing and just listen to this laid back track that really opens up your conscious awareness. Ms Badu uses a great old school beat with a very relaxing feel to it that’s why this track makes it to this list. Well done Ms Badu.

2. Lauryn Hill- Everything is Everything

During the recording sessions, Hill wanted to write a song about injustice and struggles amongst youth communities in inner city America. Every time a female artist uses her music to send out conscious messages, it is likely to be felt rather than a crack-head male MC who has guns and fat booty women in his music videos. Ms Hill got major accolades for this great joint. She was nominated for Grammy awards and won several for her album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and this album skyrocketed her straight into charts that were male dominated. When she was still vibing with her fellow Fugees members, we could see how she grew as an artist taking lead vocalist roles and displaying her word skills and sending out a message to the female MCs to go out there and own the game.

3. Amazulu- Amanda Black

Paying homage to the local females vocalists, Ms Amanda Black dropped an album which set her up for a great career ahead of her. With her music career beginning when she made an appearance on a musical talent show Idols SA, she didn’t come out on top but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream. And after Idols, she signed a deal that soon made her a platinum selling artist with her single Amazulu making waves in the South African music industry. This did not only set the bar for her, but it showed the younger upcoming females that were ready to enter the game that there’s a lot at stake. This joint alongside the visuals portrays a message to young girls out there that they shouldn’t limit themselves because of their situations at home, but to rather go out there to achieve great things. Not only did she change the game for females, but she also showed the males that even in a industry dominated by them, women can still do great things! Congratulations to Amanda for the accolades she achieved with this single and we wish her well for the future.

4. Tina Turner- What’s Love Got to Do with it?

Taking it back to the 1980’s haha, Tina Turner was at her prime when she released this Grammy Hall of Fame edition along side her other three Hall of ‘Famers‘. This track peaked at number one on several charts and with it being a female artist behind the vocals, it was pretty much a great achievement for the females in the music business because of the discrimination they had been suffering during those years. But that doesn’t take us away from the fact that it was a great joint because it was a sing along with even the generations that came post the 1980’s singing to the top of their voices to this melody. Tina Turner’s contribution to the game for the women is very important and she is continuously praised for that. Well done Mrs Turner.

5. How Will I Know- Whitney Houston

To conclude this week’s list, we’d like to remember the memory of one of the greatest female artists of all time, Mrs Whitney Houston. The lyrics speak about the protagonist trying to discern if a boy she likes will ever like her back. Most women out there can relate to this one because after all, everyone wants to fall in love.

Anyone who was a fan of her music, will tell you that her music was very special to them in different ways because of they way it related to all of us. She made sure you were singing along with her., and when I say sing along I mean from Track A to Z you would find yourself in a trance when you listened to her music. R.I.P to her and her legacy will forever remain with us and how she motivated other females to hit the ground running in this cut throat music industry.

That’s all we have for you this week. We hope you have been enlightened by the females that we have brought forward that to you and they deserve credit for their contribution to the music business and how they managed to stay on it, despite the perception history has painted for them.

Join us next time to see what we have in store for you. Don’t forget to check out our social interactive platforms. Comment, Like and Share with us.

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