This week’s feature is for the hustlers who have set their eyes on the prize. We featured young ambitious creatives to encourage the game to invest in their hustle and to stop at nothing to achieve what they are destined to. We also feature Yeezy just to reflect on how it was back when exposure was hard-earned and how those who managed to make it turned out 20 years later from the golden age of hip hop

1. Knock Tha Hustle- Cozz & Effect (ft J. Cole)


The Dreamers never stop dreaming.

You can’t knock the hustle, it’s way too strong.

We kick start this tracklist list with this well compiled joint by the Dreamers who show a lot of ambition paving the way for new dreamers who wanna become achievers but don’t really have the necessary platform to get it going. But here at KIS we recognise all the hustlers who are doing their best to make the dream work.

2. R100- Fofo Lux and Tommy G


This is our second review of this club banger by the young hustlers but with their ambitions of making it big. If you have any interest in the local hip hop scene you’ll love this track because we vibe on a hunnid and we don’t need to break the budget to get recognition ya dig?

3. Paradise- Areece


This young native from Pretoria, South Africa is no stranger to the hustle rap. When he joined the Ambitious Ent. camp he came through with some positive energy to show the youngins in the country to aim high and not to be held back by a contract. The young boy doing things got into the game most definitely to win it, he already got a whole generation of emcees to keep the ball rolling.

4. I Wonder- Kanye West


Have you ever wondered about how it would feel to reach your peak? Where everything you’ve ever wished for comes through, it appears that in our new generation we lack passionate visionaries but Mr West shows how one can really achieve what you set your mind to. From a garage band to holding it down in front of packed stadiums, it’s all in the hustle, hustler.

5. 500 Benz- Joey BadAss


Once you’ve reached your pinnacle and have your whole purpose figured out it’s makes sense to reward yourself for all your perseverance and commitment. On this joint BadMon is showing us his love for his 5-5-500 Benz and how hard work pays off.
To all my hustlers out there, I just shared with you what keeps me going, the tracks that stimulate my hustling instinct and I hope they’ll also make you feel like going out there and getting it.

That’s how we round up this week’s tracklist and we hope you’ll find your purpose and do what ever it takes to get yours! To all my hustlers, keep keeping on!

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We would appreciate your feedback and comments on this tracklist and what you’d love to see. We’d love to have viewer editions.

Keepin’ It Steezy

The future of the youth is in our hands.

Perception, Perspective and Purpose.


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