#ThursdayTracklist: Kick the stuff she like.

Hello and welcome once again to #ThursdayTracklist. We hope you have been keeping it steezy with the playlist and the good vibes you spreading with those close to you. This time we hope you ready to have a good time with what we have in store for you.
With our weekly tracklist we have listed some of the best tunes to end this Thursday with an uplifted spirit remembering what a great feeling it is to be alive and in love. Going back to recap on the fun times you’ve shared with any loved one close to you.

1. Clap Your Hands – Black Coffee and Zakes Bantwini


Let’s start with this so called show stopping throwback when Coffee and Zakes were still mad in the studio coming through with wonderful music. This piece was part of an array of collaboration tracks between this duo. Zakes displayed a wonderful execution of vocalistic magic, while Mr Coffee did his best with the beat making perfect harmony feel like it can’t best describe the perfection in this song. If you think you’ve heard it all, this joint will make you picture a whole new state of mind that you’ve been missing out on, trust!

2. Beautiful Escape – Tom Misch


Tommy made me feel good about myself after hearing this one. I don’t know how he always does this with his words, he can say something you can match perfectly to anything you’ve been through. To all my brothers out there, let’s learn a valuable lesson from our fellow brother Tom. When a woman is the one, and you feel you have found life in someone, don’t hold back, just make it clear that your intentions are fair and you willing to give love a try, DO IT!

3. Caiphus Song – AKA


The first thing you have to ask yourself is why does AKA always find a way to tell us his side of the story from the controversy following him around in his career and find a way he alone can display. AKA has always been a hard delivery spitter, but this new sound his slowly perfected is being made to live and work wonders here. The theme of this track is complemented by his choice of the legendary beat and the flavour he gives to it. Making it feel like a 21 century love song by a 21 century artist with a maturing flow.

4. Rejoice – Bucie and Black Motion


The only way we will be able to understand the message that’s being sent out is if we put ourselves in the same situation as the artist when they talk to us with their music. If anyone can make you regret not expressing your sincere love for someone it’s Ms Bucie. There’s nothing like hearing a woman who is committed in making things work for any relations between two people. She makes me feel like spreading love regardless of whether you’re not in the same state of mind. I love how she says in the track

I can not pretend to be at peace, so baby please, Love me for me!

Ms Bucie deserves to be regarded as an icon in the art form because she obeys all the elements in making the perfect melody.

5. For The Girlfriends – Kendrick Lamar ft Frank Ocean


Playing it safe is important when you making choices in music. This laid back tune is just for the girls who love the ‘loving’ part of the relationship instead of the part where we forget about the feelings. This is a track your girlfriend will like trust me. We end it off with a very special offering from this pair where they make it easy to love your latter. Spread genuine love my brother and sister.

We hope we just made it worthwhile visiting this tracklist. We hope the story of love is seen differently now. With a more engaged and true approach. Keepin It Steezy will always emphasize love and peace forever so continue loving yourself and anything that carries life.

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Your feedback will be appreciated. Thank you for joining us. Live well.

Keepin It Steezy
It’s All Good, baby.


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