#MusicMonday: Cinematic Music Group.

So many people are gifted in finding talent, some can unravel the creative art in thee; But not in most cases can one totally cut all ties to someone and yet still have a impact in how the artist comes up with the artworks making the most out of it and establishing them to their [...]


Mission: Perception, Perspective and Purpose!

Good day. Glad you here to join us. If it is you're first time joining us, welcome to The Steezy landmark. We happy to have you. Before we go into any details, we'd like to thank our believers who were with us along the way up until this very moment. We wouldn't be this far [...]

#ThursdayTracklist: Remembering Jay Dee.

Thanks to everyone for joining us today for yet another sizzling feature of #ThursdayTracklist. Today we go through the music of the late James Dewitt Yancey, who is known by his stage name Jay Dee; J Dilla. A creative record producer and part time rapper hailing from D Town Detroit, his career took flight in [...]

#StoriesOnWheels: Rolling down the street like a Hippie.

In the 21st century, the motor vehicle is by far the most popular consumer item purchased around the world to help get cargo and people from one destination to the next in comfort and convenience. From the first production vehicle manufactured by Ford in the late 1800s all the way to the 1940s when the [...]

#WinningWomenWednesday: soleRebel, Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu.

Bethlehem represents the leading edge of a new generation of homegrown African leaders, talented entrepreneurs who are taking on the global market and winning on an unprecedented level. She gives face and voice to what grassroots African- driven female economic leadership looks like , as she continues to elevate her nation, her continent and her [...]

#MusicMonday: The Legend of Lucky Dube

The African continent is known to be home to some of the greatest music artists that have captured the hearts of millions of music lovers worldwide. We have made it our mission to serve as a foreground where we are able to tell the stories of these artists and we will keep on telling their [...]

#SkateSaturday: Sole Searching

Before we kick things off, we'd love to share our gratitude to everyone who has played a key role in making this possible. It has been a ride, and we hope you'll continue holding on tightly because it's about to get gnarly. -From the editor On this feature for #SkateSaturday we are going to take [...]

#SteezSundays Presents: KRS ONE. [Part 4]

Welcome back everybody, first and foremost; thank you for joining our movement today for yet another sizzling feature for #SteezSundays. This series has served as a foundation for our mission objective of giving you some of the most overlooked artists who have always been trailblazing in their selected craft or line of work. The series [...]

#SteezSundays Presents: KRS ONE. [Part 3]

Hello everybody, and welcome yet again to another sizzling feature for #SteezSundays where we get to know about the life and times of a pioneering name in Hip Hop. It's rarely known for any artist to have been 30+ years deep in their selected line of work and to have a very decorated background that [...]

#ThursdayTracklist: Wtf is a Noname Gypsy?

Welcome back everybody, thank you for joining us again. This time on #ThursdayTracklist we have an exclusive feature dedicated to Chi-Town's very own poetic bird who goes by the stage name Noname. Fatimah Warner is a young poet and recording artist who started honing her craft back in 2010 when she would hit up open [...]

#WinningWomenWednesday: Yugen Blakrok.

South African hip hop has come a long way, from when it was still a grassroot movement that was only shared by several people who were exposed to the culture on the streets, keeping it real. When cyphers were emcee playgrounds, some of the greatest spitters discovered their destinies hanging around flipping freestyles occasionally through [...]